Get to know Andy Beal

Andy had a stroke & heart attack at 44

On April 19th, 2018, Andy Beal suffered a massive stroke that caused the right side of his body to be completely paralyzed.

He was just 44 years old.

A radical new treatment was performed just hours after two blockages were found in his brain.

Andy walked away from the hospital two days later, unassisted. The following day, he drove his car. The next day, he was back at work.

A follow-up MRI also revealed that Andy suffered a heart attack and had a 70% blockage of his left anterior descending artery.

How did Andy Beal survive?

Andy Beal Personal TrainerA miracle from God, but also a realization just 8 months earlier that he was at risk of dying at a young age unless he changed his eating habits and worked out.

If not for his efforts to improve his health before a heart attack and stroke, he may not have lived to carry out his new mission in life:

To help anyone that is at risk of a heart attack or stroke to make the changes in their diet and fitness in order to live a longer and healthier life.


How can Andy Beal help you?

After 2+ years of carefully changing his diet, exercising with a personal trainer, and countless visits with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, Andy became a certified personal trainer and weight management specialist.

Andy Beal Speaker at AHA
Andy Beal brings his passion for helping others at risk of a stroke or heart attack

Those that know Andy, know him as Andy Beal – The Original Online Reputation Expert. The expert companies turn to when they wish to rebuild their brand in order to make it stronger and healthier.

Now, anyone can get to know Andy, the Cardiac Prehab Personal Trainer™, and learn how to rebuild their body, their mind, their diet, in order to make it too, stronger and healthier.

Andy Beal talks to WRAL News

What are Andy’s credentials?

Andy Beal is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist. Being a certified personal trainer means Andy holds an NCCA accredited certification to safely and expertly help others with their cardio, weight lifting, stretching, balance, and activities of daily living.

As a certified weight management specialist, Andy can assist others impacted by overweight or obesity to long-term weight management success through a balance of behavior change strategies, exercise, and nutrition.

How does Andy Beal keep fit & healthy?

Andy Beal Half Marathon

You may well be wondering if Andy is still working hard to keep fit and healthy. Here’s a summary of his week:

  • Andy Beal Cardiac PrehabWorks out with weights 2-3 times a week.
  • Plays tennis 2-3 times a week–great for your body and your mind.
  • Walks and runs–he’s completed two half-marathons (13.1 miles!)
  • Mixes in various other exercises–pilates, yoga, and mountain biking!
  • Watches what he eats–low carbs, lots of fish, and rarely any fast food.
  • Prays daily and laughs with his wife continually.