The Beginner’s Fitness Checklist – 7 key initial steps for building a healthier you

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have already decided to improve your health and fitness. There’s also a good chance you’re not sure where to start.

That’s why I created The Beginner’s Fitness Checklist!

I have put together seven key steps everyone should consider before jumping in and getting started on a path to a healthier YOU!

The Beginner's Fitness Checklist
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What’s your fitness goal? I’ve found it vital to have some kind of goal in mind when starting any new fitness goal. If you don’t set a goal, you won’t have something to focus on.

How motivated are you? Now that you have set your goal ask yourself, “How confident am I that I can achieve my goal?” Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. If your number is anything less than 7, perhaps you should change your goal to something more manageable so you feel that confidence flowing through you.

Complete the PAR-Q questionnaire. The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is a quick and simple form that will help highlight any health issues you have overlooked.

Speak to your doctor. You don’t necessarily need to go and get a full physical, but even a quick email to them is better than just assuming there are no limitations or restrictions you need to consider when working out.

Make a record of your starting point. Take a selfie, log the weight on your scales, or check your blood pressure. I know that the initial number can be scary to look at, but it will only encourage you when you see it improving over time.

Set up support and accountability. Whether you check in with your family, use social media, or just keep a private journal, keeping a record of what you eat and your activities will help you track progress and keep you accountable.

Plan out your first week in advance. Schedule your workouts for the week in advance–just like any other important appointment. Also, plan out your meals, so you know what to buy at the grocery store and what days are reserved for a well-earned treat!

If you need further assistance in starting out your fitness journey, check out my 4-week jumpstart plan.

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