The “Stay at Home” full-body workout for us middle-agers

The “Stay at Home” full body workout for us middle-agers

I know it can be difficult to find a way to keep your muscles toned if you can’t get to the gym or you don’t have the budget to buy exercise equipment for your home. Fortunately, you don’t need anything more than a couple of cartons of soup…and a good sense of humor. 😉

These three different wall sit progressions will give your core, legs, shoulder, chest, and arms a great workout. If you do have some dumbbells you can bump up the weight with them or just look around your home for something else you can use.

The best $700 bike for mountains, trails, roads, AND commuting? Does it exist?

I’m at that age where I feel like I still have some of the fearless fire I had when I was riding in my twenties, but also know my body has gone through a lot and that I need to be a little more cautious. That raised multiple questions when I decided to get back into biking.

Road biking? I used to enjoy that a lot and would often cycle 25+ miles on country and city roads. These days? Whether drivers have gotten worse or I have just become more nervous, I like to stick to quiet neighborhood roads when biking.

Mountain biking? As a kid, I had BMX and mountain bikes. Wheelies, jumps, bunny-hops. I loved them all. I’m now no longer brave enough to tackle downhill rock-gardens or super fast berms.

Hybrid biking? I did once own a hybrid/commuter bike, but it was kind of like vanilla ice cream. Even when I added some sprinkles, I was still bored riding it.

So, fast forward to 2020 and I decided it was time for me to find a bike that I could ride on neighborhood streets, kick some dirt on a trail, or get some exercise on a paved greenway. Continue reading “The best $700 bike for mountains, trails, roads, AND commuting? Does it exist?”