Bathroom scales not budging? Why you should celebrate your weight loss plateau!

Whether you’ve just started your new path to better health and weight loss, or have been at it for many months (or years), hitting a plateau can be demoralizing.

You step on the scales and…the number hasn’t budged. Not.In.Weeks!

Welp, you may as well eat some pizza and ice cream, cos your hard work is apparently not paying off anyway. Right?

Not so fast!

Before I give you a long list of the many reasons why the scales don’t seem to be playing nice, let’s talk about the amazing success you can celebrate: you’re no longer gaining weight!

Likely, before you changed your diet and started exercising, those scales–the ones you avoided at all costs–would show increases in weight every time you stepped foot on them. Now? Now, they’re demonstrating that those changes have stopped the weight gain. If they never budge again, then celebrate that you no longer have to worry about your current favorite jeans no longer fitting!

Okay, hopefully, that little pep talk helped lift your spirits. However, let’s take a quick look at just some of the MANY reasons why those scales are not showing a drop in weight:

  • Weight scales fluctuatingYou’re not weighing often enough. If you weigh just once a week, you may have chosen a day that was higher than the others.
  • You changed the time of day you weighed in. Pick the same time for each way in–ideally wearing the same clothes (or birthday suit!) and even better, immediately after you wake up and…take care of business.
  • Your body composition is changing. You’re actually losing fat, but those gym workouts are also helping you to gain lean muscle! Take the batteries out of the bathroom scales and grab a tape measure instead!
  • Your body is just coasting along. If so, you need to get it out of its comfort zone. Add a few minutes of cardio or increase the weights you lift.
  • You’re dehydrated. It still blows my mind to know this truth, but if you don’t drink enough water, your body holds on to as much water as possible. Drink more!
  • You never have a cheat meal. Go on, indulge now and then. Your body will think it’s won the lottery and so will rev up your metabolism to celebrate. When you go back to your healthy meals, it will take a day or two to realize–meaning it’s still revving at a higher rate and burning more calories!
  • You had too many cheat meals. Maybe try tracking your meals and your caloric intake for a week or so. Sometimes we consume hidden calories–e.g. caramel lattes–without realizing.
  • You’ve achieved success. Genetics, medical conditions, environmental factors, work, family. These are just a few reasons why your body is just plain happy with the current weight. If none of the reasons listed above apply, then be at ease. You’ve achieved your physical weight goal, so tell the mental goal to go chillax.

The next time the scales try to demotivate you tell them, “Not today scales, not today!”

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