Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop you from a life-saving visit to your doctor or ER

With all of the reporting on how busy hospitals are handling the coronavirus, it can be easy to think that they will be too busy to help you with your own health issues. They are not!

WRAL News asked me to help spread this important reminder to go see your doctor, urgent care, or ER, should you have any health issues.

So, what did happen to me? Well back in August, I felt some strange tingling in the hand and foot on my right side. A few years ago, I would have ignored it. However, a stroke survivor is at higher risk of another stroke–and this was on the same side as my massive stroke in 2018–so I decided to quickly see my neurologist. Thankfully, the scans were all clear and we determined that the tingling was from mountain biking and excessive use of my computer’s trackpad (I was writing my book). A few small changes and the tingling went away.

It could have been much worse, so don’t ever delay your own personal health issue while you wait for COVID-19 to subside.

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