Your heart is the most important muscle, so have it checked for #HeartMonth

No matter what type of exercise you enjoy, the muscle that will get the most benefit will be your heart.

February is #HeartMonth so it’s a good time to make sure your heart is in good health by visiting your doctor and getting it checked out. As a runner, I have already shared the many health benefits of walking, running, or indeed any exercise, but that doesn’t mean your heart doesn’t need some TLC. In fact, had I not had my stroke in 2018, I would not have been aware of a previous heart attack or the fact that my LAD was 70% blocked.

The Running Channel has put together a great video that talks about the importance of heart screening for runners.

Now, before you think to yourself a) I’m not a runner and b) this video is from England, I hope you will find encouragement that this ex-Brit with a heart monitor, genetically high cholesterol, stroke survivor, a new runner, and a certified personal trainer, gives it two thumbs up! 😉


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