Helping Duke Health spread stroke and heart health awareness

Duke Health photo of Andy Beal

I have been working with Duke Health, one of the most respected hospital systems in the country, spread the word about heart attack and stroke awareness, prevention, and treatment.

Here’s an extract from their feature piece:

The stroke was preventing blood from reaching the left side of Beal’s brain. Doctors refer to this as an occlusion. Beal needed treatment fast. He was transferred by helicopter to Duke University Hospital in Durham where the stroke team was waiting.

“We talk about it like this: time is brain,” said Dr. Fernando Gonazalez, a Duke vascular neurosurgeon who specializes in stroke care. “Every minute you have an artery that is occluded, you’re losing two million neurons,” “No other emergency in medicine is as time-dependent as stroke.”

You can read the full article here:

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