Maximize the health you have and be thankful for even the small improvements

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the US and it’s time to count up all of the things of which you are thankful. If you’ve started your journey to better health, and seeing amazing results, then you’re going to have a big smile on your face. But, what if the scales have barely budged? What if your favorite jeans still require a little jiggling to get into?

Simple. Be thankful for the health you have!

While it can be discouraging to compare our health and fitness improvements with those around us–or those posting sweaty selfies on social media–being thankful comes more easily when you look at the canvas you had at the beginning.

You inherited much of your weight profile. You inherited many of your health risks. Your job, your environment, your daily schedule, they too all contributed to the personal health benchmark, taken when you decided to make a change. When you look at the scales, look at yourself in the mirror, or look at the changes in your body composition, do so through the lens of how you used to look, not how a supermodel or movie superhero looks.

When I look at my stomach, I don’t see a six-pack. I may never see a two-pack. But, do you know what else I don’t see? The big belly that I used to have. When I look at my lipid panel, I still don’t see a great HDL number. But, I also don’t see a scary LDL number either. So, compared to the health I used to have, I am VERY thankful!

Whether you’re 12 months into your new wellness campaign, only just started, or even just contemplating starting, maximize the health you have, measure the results against the health you had, and be thankful for the improvements–however small–you’re seeing.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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