Optimize Your Heart audiobook now available on Audible and Amazon

I’m excited to share the news that Optimize Your Heart is now available as an audiobook on both Amazon and Audible!

Jason Felisbret
Jason Felisbret narrator

While I contemplated narrating it myself, I realized that listeners would pay more attention to my Anglo-Southern accent than my advice for preventing a heart attack or stroke. Instead, I worked with the excellent Jason Felisbret–a professional book narrator, voiceover artist, and Air Force veteran–whose authoritative and soothing voice will entice you to listen to Optimize Your Heart in one sitting! He even delivered the corny humor, I sprinkle throughout the book, so well, he had me LOLing!

You can listen to the teaser audio here:


If you already have an Audible account–or considering getting one–you can found Optimize Your Heart on Audible. You can also buy the audiobook version of Optimize Your Heart through Amazon.


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