This one simple coffee hack will help me lose more than 7 lbs!

Admit it. Part of you didn’t want to click on this article because you thought “no way that can be true!” but part of you was curious anyway. Well, it’s true and it was really simple. Let me explain what I discovered.

I love my morning coffee. In fact, I will drink at least 3 cups in the morning and sometimes even 4 cups. I normally drink half-caf coffee, so it’s not a simple case of just wanting the caffeine. I love the taste.

Even during my diet and fitness overhaul, I have used full-fat half & half creamer in my coffee. Mostly because it was organic and cheap at Costco. However, that’s 40 extra calories per cup of coffee. Well, today, I finally made a change and switched to a coconut-almond creamer that has just 15 calories per serving.

25 calories saved X 3 cups X 365 (yes, I drink coffee every day) ÷ 3500 (the standard number of calories per 1lb) = 7.82 lbs lost over the next year!

Wow! Nearly 8 pounds will be lost over the next 12 months and all I did was switch coffee creamers!!!

Not only does that show you how hidden calories can quickly add up to extra pounds over a year, but there are many that you can cut or substitute and subsequently lose weight without much effort.

Take a look in your pantry. Take a look at your daily diet. What can you change? Start small and you can still see big results!

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