Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Personal Trainer

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Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Management Specialist

My name is Andy Beal & I'm here to help those that are at risk of a heart attack or stroke. In order to help others, I wanted to make sure I was trained & certified by the best in the personal training industry: The American Council on Exercise.

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Practical heart attack & stroke prevention diet & exercise tips you can do each day

Making changes to your diet and exercise is hard. Very hard! In fact, if you read most articles about this topic you’ll come away thinking you need to go an extreme diet, exercise for an hour or more a day, and give up everything you currently enjoy. That’s not going to be this article. Instead, I am looking at heart attack and stroke prevention advice from a practical standpoint. I want to share with you small changes that motivate you, not scare you, and can be added to your daily routine.